Unknown lyrics of a famous band that wants to remain anonymous

I came home after a walk in the park

Feeling cold

I warmed my hands on a cup of coffee

Black wet gold


A gust of wind tore dark clouds apart

No blue sky

But it won’t be raining today at all

You’ll see why



See if you can reach for the stars

Applaud with just one hand

Kill a dead bird with water bullets

Be the singer in an instrumental band



Go ahead and sneeze with your eyes open

Find your way home by getting lost in the fog

Close your eyes to see

Live your life free.


I travel through time each day and everywhere

On angels’ wings

To witness the world time and time again

Loose your strings


It’s winter now, yesterday it was summer

Got sunburn

Today in the big city, tomorrow in the desert

An overturn





© Famous but unknown band 2014


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