FoodFriday: Pizta

Yep, it’s FoodFriday, which means I’m offering you my thoughts about new or old dishes or ingredients or cooking utensils. Today, I present to you:


Yes, you read it right. I introduce to you some Italian cuisine that’s often done wrong. And it’s not very difficult, it just needs some decent preparation. And the right ingredients, of course. The dish is called Pizta. It’s a pizza topped with pasta, or to be more precise, fusilli pasta. Other pastas are not allowed. It’s a red pizza, meaning the pizza has a tomato sauce base. In and on the rich sauce, fusilli are draped as much as you like, but never more than half of the toppings. You can add other toppings, though. For instance, vegetables like thinly sliced zucchini, onions, green or red peppers, or meat like slices of ham, bacon or salami. Pizta is also going by its other name: bipolar pasta.


– Pizza dough. Make it yourself. First mix a cup of water with 7 grams of dry yeast (or 15 grams of fresh yeast) and some sugar. Stir well. Add this to 500 grams of flower and a pinch of salt. Add a couple of spoons of olive oil to make the dough. Keep kneading the dough till it’s sticky and a bit elastic. Leave dough in a bowl (covered with a moist tea towel), for an hour, preferably in a warm spot like close to central heating.

– Tomato sauce with black pepper, freshly ground. You can add some fresh thyme or oregano.

– Cooked pasta, al dente (pasta will be cooked an extra bit when on top of pizza in the oven).

– Sliced vegetables (onions, zucchini, green / red/ yellow / purple peppers, rocket salad) or sliced meat (ham, bacon, salami)

– Cheeses like mozzarella, graded parmesan cheese, or any other fresh cheese. Even brie works fine.

– Extra olive oil, black pepper.

How to make Pizta

Heat oven till 220 ºC.

Use standard pizza dough (see Ingredients section). Grab a tennis ball sized piece of dough and roll out to pizza size (you can use an empty wine bottle as a rolling pin; preferably not one you have to empty first before you start cooking). Tip: curl the edge of the pizza a bit, so the pizza looks like a very flat bowl.

Cover the pizza pan cake thickly with tomato sauce (you can use a tin of passata, and add some freshly ground black pepper). Thickly means 2 millimetre of tomato sauce.

Put cooked fusili pasta on top of and slightly in tomato sauce. Please pay attention here: the pizza should never ever be covered with more than half of the fusilli. Preferably less pasta on the pizza, but try to avoid that less than 37, 456 % of the pizaa is covered with fusilli. Add slices of mozzarella, vegetables and/or meat of your choice, but never let pasta and other toppings cover each other. Sprinkle with olive oil. Richly.

Shove into oven and bake pizza 15 minutes, or a few minutes more till the crust is mocha brown and the cheeses have melted. Take pizza out of oven and sprinkle with extra olive oil. Use knife to cut slices. Or just shove the pizta as a whole down your throat.


Drink a red wine from the south of Italy or from Sicily. The wine should be strong, preferably with some hints of cherries and tannins. Think Planeta Cerasuolo di Vittoria.


Put on a cd (or use spotify) . Music choice: Mina or Frabizio de Andre.

© Rick Ruhland 2015


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