Poem by Robert Rendall (1898 – 1967)

It’s weird, I guess, in this day and age. There is a poem by Scottish writer Robert Rendall, a poet from Orkney (although born in Glasgow), but it can’t be found on the Internet. So, there is still something I will call ‘internet unknowns’.

The poem is not brilliant. But I like it in many ways. I reminds of small villages on the western and northern coast of Scotland, where there is just one pub. And: it has helped me through some bad spells of psychic winter. Therefore, and for many other reasons, I want it to be known to the rest of the world. So, posting this poem on my blog is a tribute (I don’t even know the title of the poem; maybe the text is even incomplete). Here it is:


“But I have seen, like treasure long concealed,

a sudden radiance break from evening skies,

and everything on sea and shore and field

in flawless essence move, without disguise.


And watched with awe, beside the old sea wall,

In the hushed silence of a summer night,

O’er land and sea an innocent beauty fall –

The setting sun had touched the world with light.”


Even when I’m feeling good, it helps me. I get goose bumps. It makes me long for another journey to that big country. Back to Scotland, especially Orkney, Isle of Lewis and Shetland. Hike with my backpack. Be back on one of the islands, staring at the sea, the mountains, the lochs, the skies. It may not be brilliant poetry, and Robert Rendall might have been a religious person, but it (the poem, not the writer) is still a lot better than most present day babbling and rhyming shit.


© Rick Ruhland 2015


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