Mad, not manic Monday

Let me start this Monday with a question: how many people do behave like a moron (and by moron I mean moron in the sense of Henry Goddard) or a mad man (in the sense of a seriously disturbed person) when they’re driving in their car on the highway?  I do. I did this morning. I acted like a moron having an IQ of 54. My face was twisted, contorted and distorted. I screamed like a Chewbacca on dope and beer. Most of all I didn’t care if people saw me doing those weird facial expressions. I suppose they couldn’t hear me. It’s okay if they did. BECAUSE I DON’T CARE!!!!

I also did something else when I came back from the supermarket. After being a moron, which comes as something rather natural, I went berserk. Not because someone raised his middle finger. Or because someone nearly crashed into my car. Oh no. I did it because I liked it. It felt good. I screamed my lungs out and my face was filled with enraged muscles. Man, that was good. That was god.

Why? What do you mean why? Why I did it? And will do it? Because I can. Because I want to. Because it’s good for me: it lets the big bad black eyed red eared devils out. Because I have extra time on my hands. Because just driving a care is boring. AND NO, it’s not an exercise for acting, although I am an actor.

I did it because I did. Let’s all be mad. Raging and moronic. In our own car.

(c) Rick Ruhland 2015


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