The world needs to be a better place to live in. Too many people have to many choices. Too many people are not happy. So from now on, everybody will be living in a ricktatorship, in which I am the sole ruler. I am the ricktator; see the Urban dictionary, or the Worldy Ricktionary as it wil be known from now on, for a definition of ricktator). Everything is banned except arts (music, paintings, dance, sculpture) and science (but only those branches I deem good and appropriate; so no psychology and economics). Religion is allowed, but all have to live together on a small island where they can do no harm (except harming other religions). Health care is brought back to the world, with no commercial possibility whatsoever. And all people with no idea of what to do with their time of their life, who don’t know how to enjoy art and all people with no job, in most cases these sad middle managers: they will be the new gladiators. Just like in the old days of the romans, with one exception: those new gladiators will all die, even if they defeat all others. Of course there will be people who don’t want to live in my ideal world. They will locked up in a very big building (spanning the whole of the Netherlands, where will be breathing cannabis smoke and coke dust particles, till they say they understand why I am the ruler, of Ruhlander, as it will be know from then on). And food? We all will eat 3d-printed food made from insects and fungi.

Living in my own world is sometimes nothing more than a very cruel joke. I do laugh, but I cannot not laugh. You out there may want to cry, but then I will put you in the big building.

© Rick Ruhland 2015


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