FoodFriday: Trout in a salty crust of ginger chocolate under a coulis of red apple walnut

This week I propose a dish that is centered around a fish. So, a fish dish. Normally I don’t eat a lot of fish. Fish is not nice to my ‘smell and taste buds’. To me, most fish (and other sea animals) taste and smell as if they were never fresh. As if they were rotten from the start. Which is not strange: they swim in the water they pee in. I must say, the way they live is not good marketing for being a fish, and definitely not for a fish dish. However, I do make an exception for salmon and trout. They are to me the kings and queens of the rivers and seas.


– Fresh trout, preferably rainbow trout; best is to catch them your self in a lake of river; if you buy it at a fishmonger: let him kill and clean it;

– Enough salt to cover the fish; buy a couple of kilo’s (of salt, not fish) to be sure;

– Maybe a lemon or a lime?

– 100 grams of intense dark chocolate per 500 grams of fish; or more chocolate if you’re not a fish fan and you like to snack from the chocolate before you start cooking. Or in case you don’t want to cook and eat the fish at all.

– Fresh, grated ginger, about 3 tea spoons.

– 50 grams of butter; do not use any oil at all, it will give the fish a watery taste.

– Fresh walnuts, or if unavailable, use walnuts from a bag, chopped to pisces. Ehm, to pieces.

– Red apples, preferably Rode Boskoop or any other look-and-taste-a-like variety like Golden Rennet. Kill the apple and chop it down.


How to make it

I don’t know. A good start may be if the fish dealer didn’t kill the trout: let someone else kill the fish, clean it and remove the bones (however, leave the head where it is, so you can talk to it in case you just drink the white wine and don’t feel like preparing this dish).

But after that? Hm. Add some slices of lemon or even better, lime in the belly of the fish. Does that sound good? Then do it.

Maybe you should cover the trout in salt and put it in the oven. Leave it there at mid temperature (190 C / 375 F) for about 20 minutes. If you have wood fire oven, use it. If you have a fornetto oven, use that. Maybe add some mesquite wood in the oven for an extra sensory (taste and smell) touch to the fish?

I don’t know.

During the meantime (in the meanwhilst): put the chocolate in a bowl (one that can be put over a pan of water), and heat the water so that chocolate will melt. Add the ginger and mix.

Take the trout and cover it with the ginger chocolate. Let it dry.

Heat some butter in a pan and add the finely chopped walnut and apple. Let it simmer for 5 minutes.

Then serve the trout in ginger chocolate with the coulis of apple walnut coulis.

Maybe, if you’re hungry, eat the fish with some backed potatoes and slightly roasted fennel bulb.



Die Forelle by Schubert. I like this rendition of Schuberts piece.

Or listen to your new Samsung washing machine when the washing program has finished.



Some strong white wine. If you don’t like fish, like me, just drink the wine. With the chocolate.

© Rick Ruhland 2015


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