Facebook in real life

I admit. I am not a big fan of social media. I am a fan of my own blog, but that’s because I need to express and share my thoughts, my insights, my experiences. I do (or better: did) that on other media as well, but right here I have full control over what I want to say, how I want to say it. No restrictions. No daily chichatshit.

Till 2013, I had a Facebook account with my own name. I killed the account. I didn’t want to update on my life through Facebook, of Farcebook as I – most of the time – call this social media service (although I hesitate to use the term ‘service’), anymore. I wanted to see friends and other people, smell them, hear them, even touch them, and sometime even taste them. Facebook and other social media are just something extra. Real life is happening while you’re writing nonsense on the internet.

I am on Facebook though. I write stuff on the Facebook wall. I post my blog post there. I use Farcebook to inform people when we are on stage with my band. I try to connect to people I know and I don’t know. I use an alias, a pseudonym, a nickname, an alter ego. Because it’s not me on Facebook, but a part of me, or maybe it’s not even me, I don’t really care what Facebook is. If it really is. Put differently, facebook is not reality.

Okay, that was a long intro to post this video.

(c) Rick Ruhland 2015


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