FoodFriday: Chinese pizza

Sometimes you have a craving for food, but you don’t want to stick with one kind of kitchen, cuisine, one kind of cooking or ingredients. Well, here’s the solution: Chinese pizza.


Order a pizza margarita (or buy it from the supermarket and put in an oven yourself). Important: it needs to have mozzarella and basil on it.

Order a Chinese dish like Char Siu or Babi Pangang (no, don’t make it yourself). Best to have some red sauce like tomato sauce to go with the meat dish. Going kosher? Order something with chicken and tomato sauce.

Put the Chinese dish on the pizza.

Eat straight away, while it’s hot.

Listen to your taste buds: can your hear them sighing when the sweet and sour combine with the mozzarella and basil?


Maybe you should eat this dish after a long day of drinking. So drink al lot of Italian wine first, or Chinese beer. If you must: some good Japanese sake might go well with the dish.


Crossover of classical Italian music like ‘O sole mio’ played on a traditional string instrument from China.

© Rick Ruhland 2015


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