Movie: Kung Führer

If you grew up in the eighties (by which I mean: becoming a young adult and watching shows like The Young Ones, amongst many other series), you will like this movie called Kung Führer. Shitty music, shitty story, shitty camera, shitty acting. But in a extreme good way. It’s the best in its kind.

So, after the trailer, the real thing. The movie! All say: aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, like the a in ‘astonishment’.

Tagline: “Over the top has a new definition.”

No, of course it’s not the original tagline, you buttheads. I made that up.

Butt: this movie is better than most cinematic shit made in 2015. And 2015. And 2015.

Sometimes I wonder and ask myself: why doesn’t have everybody else my kind of brilliant humor and taste?

But that takes only a nanosecond. Because as a hyper intellectual I don’t ask. I dictate.

Whohahahaha (meaning: sinister and very deep, almost dark brown laugh).

So sit down and watch this. Miami Vice meets Hitler, Back to the future, The Terminator, Thor and dinosaurs. And others.

© Rick Ruhland 2015


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