‘Failed Photographs’

Nowadays, we can make an unlimited amount of photo’s with our digital camera’s, smart phones and tablets. We can take 100’s, 1000’s or even more pics every day. We can delete those that we don’t fancy. Unlike in the ‘analogue’ age, photo’s we don’t like are put in the waste bin of, for example, our tablet. Straight away. No hesitation whatsoever.

That’s a pity. Because a lot of those photo’s are some sort of art in themselves. Failed doens’t mean failed. It’s is just another representation of the world. A different view on reality. Maybe even a different reality in itself. Like the way bipolar people see the world in their manic episodes.

So, I would like to make a statement for those ‘homeless pics’. I will post pics like that every once in while. Give pics a chance.


© Rick Ruhland 2018


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