Best bass players: Steve Harris

When I discovered Iron Maiden in the 80-ties, my musical development had already led me to enjoy all kinds of styles. From dixieland, rock ’n roll, and German Schlager-music (my father’s favourites) to disco, new wave, punk and psychedelic bands, from classical music to Scottish folk music: I take every music.What is it about Maiden? It certainly about energy. About power.

About renaissance like guitar playing. Say what? Yes. If you listen to the guitar riffs and solo’s, Maiden songs sound like a renaissance composition. Polyphonic. Play Some of there songs on acousuc guitar, and then listen to a lute song, like Dowland (played by Hopkinson Smith or Paul O’Dette). Here’s an example:

Back to Iron mainden. A very important is the running of the bass. What I mean, is that Maiden’s bass player Steve Harris forces the song to go ahead. Galopping, if you will. One of my favourite songs is Run to the hills:

He is quick and he is emphatically present. He’s more that a bass player. Steve Harris is the kind of bass player that is the motor of melodic rhythm.

© Rick Ruhland 2018


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