The world a globe? I don’t think so!

In this world of lies, more lies and fake news, one thing seemed to withstand scrutiny. Every scolar will tell us that the world is a globe. Apparently there are even satellites that confirm the so-called fact that the world is round. Worse than that, children are forced to believe that this (see the first picture) is the truth:


So this is the real world, they say. But did you ever see some plastic around the world? That white thing on the upper right of the picture? I think not!

I now have proof of the real shape of the world. Oh yes, it is flat. But not as we believe to know it:


I am willing to believe that there are countries called Australia. I am even willing to believe that there is a make believe place called America.

But the world a globe? No way, Jose. And that white spot on the left – some people called it the south pole – is not close to Australia. On the contrary, my dear Watsons.

So please, stop calling the earth a sphere, a globe, a ball, a rock. The world is flat as a pancake. It must be. Otherwise all the water in the oceans would fall of.

© Rick Ruhland 2019


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