Notes regarding my blog

This winter and early spring, I posted dozens and dozens of texts on my blog. Not all good, sometimes even very bad. But I had to. My brain, my mind, my spirit if you will, was in a manic phase. My mood had to go, and I had to follow. I knew it myself, and there was nothing I could do about it (except for pills and shrinks, both no option in my life; contact me if you want to know why). There is no choice, no option in a manic period: I was at the mercy of my mind.

With regard to this blog: I posted on a lot of subjects, with no direction, no bigger idea, no whatsoever.

SInce Japan, the manic mood swings have been replaced by something similar sinister: the opposite of manic moods. It’s not that bad this time, I seem to have some energy to makes long walks through the countryside, to write stories and work on my novel, to make music with my formidable band, and occasionally I can even stand other people. But the energy is fading, sleep is becoming an issue again, smoking and drinking are on the increase, and there’s more shit happening.

Anyway, I am still here and I decided to post less frequent, more substantial. Longer texts, maybe specific weekdays for specific subjects, no hurry, because, well, in this given situation time is not a factor. That means: the concept of time is for a bipolar person like me meaningless. I can still read time on computer or clock, but time beyond today is a tricky concept. Even worse: I do not know how to handle time.

So, if you are following my blog, do not worry. I am sort of okay. I am familiar with my mood swings, my bipolarism, and have been with those periods of ‘moodism’ for over 30 years. I managed to stay alive. Somehow. I have help from wife, family and friends.

And I will post, less often though, stories (fiction) and thoughts (facts). Maybe even start organising my posts: certain posts on certain weekdays (like the photo’s on Friday).

I don’t know how things will turn out, blogwise. However, I know I had to write this post to get this of my chest.

© Rick Ruhland 2018