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Product of the week: smell of open fire in a spray can

I bet a lot of you people out there don’t have an open fire. A hearth. A fireplace. We don’t and if we do, it means trouble and we definitely have to leave the house.

Anyway, we do have a DVD with an film of an open fire (if you don’t have a DVD player, watch it online on YouTube, like this). Nice, but not the real thing (duh!). Something’s missing.

So I came up with this line of products that should give you that authentic feeling of an open fire. The burning smell is made up of oak, pine and cedar.

Btw, this product is not what you’re looking for. It has no cosiness, no warm feel.

Other scents that might interest you:

  • BBQ
  • Hair on fire
  • Burned skin

Looking for more daring smells?  Try something different. For a true butt-crack smell.

Still in development: Sweat in a can.

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